The 2012 Championship Ring

The Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl XLVII Championship Ring was designed to reflect the ultimate unity of the team. Every element within the ring was designed specifically to enhance and highlight only the best qualities of each of the materials featured in its composition. Crafted in white gold, the top of the ring reads "World Champions" and is set in a stadium-style top, enhanced with 129 round brilliant cut diamonds. In the center of the ring, the Baltimore Ravens logo is outlined with 40 round brilliant cut diamonds sitting atop a dazzling custom-cut amethyst stone. Sitting on top of this stone is the iconic Baltimore "B" handcrafted in yellow gold with the beak of the Raven crafted in white gold. The eye of the bird is highlighted with red enamel.

Behind the logo are two championship trophies set with 32 round brilliant cut diamonds. Atop the ring are two stunning marquise diamonds to represent the franchise's two World Championship titles.

Jostens has delivered the championship stories of more NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA and NASCAR champions than any other company, and is proud to team up with the Baltimore Ravens on their Super Bowl XLVII Championship Ring. The Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl XLVII ring that is depicted is not available for sale.