College Graduation Guide

As graduation day draws near, there may be several questions left to answer regarding this exciting time before you accept your diploma. From determining what you will need to mailing college graduation invitations and announcements, we have put together a list of resources to help you ensure you are prepared and informed as you begin your transition.

Getting ready to graduate

Graduation time means many important decisions are upon you. The future is bright, and getting through that last year of college can be wonderful, frustrating, and emotional. Learn more about getting ready to graduate

Announcing your Graduation

Let everyone know that you're about to graduate. We've put together some guidelines to help you when sending your graduation announcements. Learn more about announcing your graduation

The Ceremony: Rich in style and tradition

From appropriate commencement attire to the tossing of the graduation hat, many colleges have different traditions associated with the graduation ceremony. Learn more about The Ceremony: Rich in style and tradition

Don't forget to thank your supporters

Take time to appreciate your accomplishment, soak in the pride of those around you, and express your gratitude for all of the help.

When to Mail

Allow yourself time to prepare your graduation announcements and ensure your recipients have adequate time to respond and share your joy.Learn about when to mail

Why Send?

While you have earned your college diploma, many have earned the right to hear about it by being a supportive parent, sibling, neighbor, coach, or other influential member of your life. Learn more about why send

Parents Guide

Find out what you can do to ease the stress of your college graduate and what they may need from you. Learn more from our parents guide

Customizing your Announcements

Learn how to add a personalized touch to your announcements by incorporating your school, degree, and accomplishments. Learn more about customizing your announcements

Showing Recognition

There are simply some members of your life that you couldn't have done this without. Show them your appreciation and that their help has not gone unnoticed. Learn more about showing recognition

Graduation Invitations vs. Announcements

Learn more about the difference between college graduation invitations and announcements, their uses, and which you should send. Learn more about graduation invitations vs. announcements

Announcement Etiquette

Craft a college graduation announcement or invitation fitting of a college graduate.Learn more about announcement etiquette

Graduation Checklist

Make sure you are prepared to exit academia and enter the professional world, and how a little help from our announcements can go a long way. Learn more about graduation checklists

Plans After Graduation

What is your next step after college? As your transition into the job market, some new and exciting challenges are on their way. Learn more about plans after graduation

Why Buy an Official University Offering?

Proudly show your colors and learn more about adding an official look and formal appearance to your college graduation announcements. Learn more about why to buy an official university offering

Determining What You'll Need

Make sure you have everything you need to inform all your family, friends, professors and other influential members of your life about your exciting transition.determining what you'll need