So, What's Next?

This is a question you have most likely heard often lately as a college grad. It may even be a question you don't quite know the answer to yet. Chances are you will be entering the workforce and preparing for interviews, or possibly returning to school for a higher degree.

For these reasons, several campuses offer writing centers or staff you can approach to have your grad school application or resume revised or your interview skills refined to help you move on to that next stage. Resources like this should be taken full advantage of. You have worked hard to obtain your education and experience; don't allow poor communication to cloud your best assets.

Stand Out From the Crowd

Several schools offer resume, application, or interview services during the grad fair or as part of an ongoing program. Proper resume and interview etiquette may entail several conflicting rules of thumb but one stays constant – stand out and be memorable. While there are several wrong ways to go about this (loud, colorful resumes or being late), showing class and great manners may go a long way. Sending a handwritten thank you note on one of your college custom seal notecards not only reminds them of you among what could be several applicants, but shows your appreciation and gives them a sense of your character.

So wherever the road takes you, a little preparation goes a long way. We'd be happy to help; establish a lasting impression with custom seal notecards for a formal correspondence following an interview with an employer or educator.