Thanking Your Supporters

While perseverance has led you to the pinnacle of your academic career, there may be some that have helped you along the way. Either from family, associates or mentors, sometimes guidance and support from selfless individuals help us reach our dreams.

To not only honor someone instrumental in your success, but also to recognize their support, let Jostens connect you with college graduation mementos that allow those closest to share in your celebration.

Along with our wide array of college and university graduation announcement products from personalized announcements to college graduation party invitations, we offer these additional products that help acknowledge someone's support:

Pleasantly surprise mentors and relatives with meaningful certificates of appreciation, thank you notes, or college graduation party invitations where you can say thank you  in person. These special gifts not only serve as a physical reminder of your appreciation but also, more importantly, simply show that their support has not gone forgotten.

Whether requesting someone's presence through invitations or by handwriting a heartfelt thank you note, college graduation products from Jostens helps extend your gratitude in a dignified manner.