College Graduation Resources -
Getting Ready to Graduate

Graduation time means many important decisions are upon you — finding a career, making living arrangements, paying bills, finding transportation. The future's bright, and getting through that last year of college can be wonderful, frustrating and emotional.

For parents, whether this is your first college grad or your fifth, the time leading up to graduation can be a big transition full of your own decisions to make. It can be quite a lot to keep track of as you begin compiling mailing lists and sending announcements and invitations for college graduation.

Jostens wants to help the whole family take the mystery and the worry out of graduation planning. Our Graduation Guide presents both parents and the graduate with a great deal of helpful and practical information about what to expect from the ceremony, how to address and send out commencement announcements, thank you notes, and graduation party invitations, proper etiquette and much more. It even includes a step-by-step calendar to remind you of when to take care of which details.

We hope our Graduation Guide will alleviate some stress and pave the way for a great deal of fun this year for the whole family. Whether planning for job interviews, recognizing those with significant impact, or learning more about sending announcements or invitations for college graduation, our Graduation Guide and list of resources will help eliminate worry and allow you to focus on the celebration at hand.