Thank You Cards & Considerations

Acknowledge family, friends and mentors who recognized your achievement. Our personalized college graduation announcements and thank you cards aren't just limited to recipients that have provided support in-person. Whether near or abroad, anyone that was instrumental in your college graduation can be recognized with our personalized thank you cards.

Jostens recommends sending your college graduation thank you cards to family, friends and classmates that have:

  • Offered or given you moral or financial support and advice
  • Supported you in faith or religious capacity
  • Tutored or provided exceptional academic guidance
  • Assisted in networking, enrollment or internship-related functions

Custom Seal Notecards & Certificates of Appreciation

To show your gratitude, Jostens also offers alternative means to recognize supporters and well-wishers. Handwrite a heartfelt message with custom announcement cards, or present a certificate of appreciation for someone that has made sacrifices or supported you in your journey.