Why Send College & University
Graduation Announcements?

College graduation is not just a personal milestone, but also a commemoration of people that supported you throughout your life. From the lessons of parents and mentors, to the kinship of friends and associates, all of your close relationships are celebrated at your graduation.

Honor, recognize and thank the important people in your life. Sending college and university graduation announcements, invitations or thank you cards helps bridge distances by recognizing loved ones in your celebration.

What it Means to Family

Whether a first generation college student or from a lineage of academic achievers, the value of a quality education can never be diminished. In the eyes of your family, this event takes on a special meaning, as they’ve witnessed your personal growth through the years. With a personalized graduation announcement, specific to your college or university, your loved ones will have a treasured keepsake that reminds them of your achievement.

Friends, Associates & Mentors

Through grade-school, high-school, and college, you’ve shared experiences and connected with many individuals that have influenced the course of your life. Gather these colleagues at your commemoration with graduation invitations, or share your good news from afar with personalized graduation announcements. With Jostens, we’ll help you make others feel a part of your unique and joyous occasion.