Pressures on students

According to a recent study by TRU, attention to health and beauty matters is on the rise in teens. In fact, support for dieting has increased over the past two years and spray tanning earns a top-two-box score. Additionally, 39% of teens believe "getting cosmetic surgery" is in style and 10% of 12-15 years olds are interested in plastic surgery. reports that "78% of girls with low self-esteem admit that it is hard to feel good in school when you do not feel good about how you look." Furthermore, 3 of out of 4 girls with low self-esteem "engage in negative activities, such as disordered eating, cutting, bullying, smoking, or drinking when feeling badly about themselves."

Self-esteem and image are not just issues for girls. Body dysmorphia in teen boys has increased significantly in recent years. A quarter of a century ago, only 15% of Western men were unhappy with their bodies. Now, the estimated figure is nearly half of Western men.

How The Confidence Factor™ can help

In the hands of inspiring and dynamic secondary school educators, The Confidence Factor from Jostens will help develop and increase confidence in students to prepare them for the real world. With original content from confidence expert Jess Weiner, this program will positively impact school climate and culture when connected with existing core studies.

The Confidence Factor contains six instructional modules, each complete with facilitator guides, lesson plans, classroom exercises, directed discussions, engaging videos of real students, and out of classroom social media interactions and projects. Designed to be flexible and meet the needs of all schools, each module may be used individually when appropriate or sequentially during one week or throughout the quarter. Additionally, modules are segmented into three time intervals, from a 20-minute high level overview and discussion to a 60-minute traditional class period or more.

The Confidence Factor program is interdisciplinary and supplementary to core curriculum. It can easily be introduced and utilized in homeroom, health classes or as an addition to existing leadership classes. Modules can be used by guidance counselors or student organizations such as class officer committees, yearbook staffs, sports or extracurricular teams, student council and others.

The Confidence Factor is aligned with the 21st century skills of critical thinking, problem solving, communication and collaboration. Each module helps students learn application of life and career skills, particularly self-direction, social and cross-cultural skills, accountability and leadership. Throughout the lessons, students have the opportunity to enhance media and information literacy skills.


Help students begin thinking critically about daily messages from the media and how those messages shape the way they see themselves.

  • Learn how to see confidence differently
  • Identify how friendships and the media impact self-esteem
  • Gain insights based on video discussion questions
  • Understand how fear affects confidence

Help students redefine their image of courage and realize they have an opportunity every day to be courageous.

  • Identify everyday moments of courage
  • Understand that courage allows a person to take healthy risks in life
  • Learn how taking risks builds inner strengths
  • Identify the connection between courage and confidence

Teach students to ask questions of themselves and others, thus exposing them to different points of view.

  • Learn the personal skill of curiosity and asking perceptive questions
  • Identify additional interests and passions
  • Develop the ability to look at the world with more open-mindedness

Cultivate students' compassion for others and themselves, resulting in a more respectful school culture.

  • Recognize the connection between curiosity and compassion and, ultimately, leadership
  • Learn to address the role of the bystander and gossip
  • Realize the different between weakness and compassion
  • Understand the benefits of being compassionate, including stronger connections with others

Assist students in making daily decisions that will ultimately define who they are and what they stand for.

  • Define the concept of character
  • Understand that morals, values and beliefs guide decision-making
  • Learn that building character is a life-long process that includes making mistakes
  • Realize that life circumstances don't have to dictate their level of confidence
  • Understand how character helps create a foundation of confidence

Inspire students to think about how they can apply the factors of confidence in their school to make a difference.

  • Understand how community can be defined
  • Explore the role of community in their lives
  • Learn the role they play in their communities
  • Understand the correlation between becoming a more active and engaged member of society and improving the community, particularly school culture

Meet the expert

The Confidence Factor from Jostens was developed in coordination with expert Jess Weiner, founder of Talk to Jess, and with the help of educators and administrators from across the country. Jess creates dynamic content that challenges and expands current social stereotypes. Considered this generation's "Go to Authority" on women, girls, and confidence, Jess leverages her over 18 years of experience in the field as a best-selling author, speaker and educator.

What educators are saying

"[The Confidence Factor] was easy and a great way to facilitate character education in the classroom through the use of outside sources." – 11th and 12th grade history teacher

"Excellent supplement to what we currently teach in our curriculum with community service, communication skills, goal setting, and analyzing influences. It could very easily be used in so many of our units." – 9th grade teacher

"I really like the curriculum and find it valuable. I have been teaching for many, many years… I am seeing more and more students afraid to share opinions, knowledge, and feelings than ever before because they are afraid of being judged." – Middle school teacher

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