First Year High School

High School Student OrientationDedicated to School Success

The transition to high school can be one of the biggest challenges any student faces. Our First Year High School program offers a clear, focused start that can pave the way to higher involvement, better grades, and in the end, graduation.

Research shows that among high school students, 9th graders have the lowest GPA and the greatest number of discipline referrals. Their experiences during this crucial year may be determining factors in whether or not they graduate from high school.

Jostens First Year Student orientation program can help you give your freshmen a jumpstart to a successful high school career. As an investment in your school, your Jostens representative will host an orientation meeting with your first year students, including:

  • A custom multimedia presentation featuring school clubs, activities and resources to help first year students adjust and get involved
  • An informative brochure for students
  • Posters to remind students about getting involved
  • A Commitment to Graduate® signing banner

Just ask, and Jostens is here to help. For over a century, we’ve assisted schools in celebrating achievement and building pride. Because while your students attend high school for four years, there is only one chance to make a difference in their lives . For more information, contact your Jostens Representative.