Making Students Into Leaders

Jostens invites your outstanding student leaders to attend Jostens annual LeaderShop, featuring famed speaker and award-winning NFL veteran Keith Nord. During this one-day workshop, Keith will help your young leaders tackle the complex issues challenging leadership today in a fun, energetic and interactive environment.

Every school seeks increased positive leadership on campus, but it can often be difficult to find appropriate, meaningful ways to encourage and teach these skills. LeaderShop helps today's students further develop the leadership skills imperative to educational success.

Students will leave this workshop with the confidence to move their schools or groups forward. In addition, they’ll be better equipped to fulfill the expectations placed on them as leaders. Keith will instill a mission in their heart: to create power rather than acquire it.

To nurture the art of leadership, Keith will lead participants through a variety of intense exercises based on real-life situations. Through these, students will experience the process of making and acting on leadership decisions.