Build School Pride and Connect the Community

The challenges facing today’s schools change every day. Creating and maintaining a strong sense of pride in your school community is a fundamental building block of success.

As a partner in education for over 100 years, Jostens recognizes the demands facing school administrators. That’s why we’ve created The Pride Factor: a strategic approach designed to help understand your school’s issues and provide customized solutions to appropriately address them and instill lasting pride in your entire school community.

Identifying the Issues

As the demands placed upon education continue to increase, the issues you face become more complex and challenging. Through our extensive examination of research from professional educational organizations including NASSP, the US Department of Education, and the National PTA, we have classified these issues into four critical areas


School safety, low attendance, alcohol and drugs, gangs, hazing and bullying, uninvolved students and parents with little or no affiliation


Student/teacher apathy, little or no school spirit, low teacher and student morale


Declining academic performance, decreasing standardized tests scores, dropping graduation rates, increasing number of at-risk students, growing financial limitations


Students' efforts are going unnoticed, teachers and staff feeling undervalued and unappreciated

Nationwide, school pride is suffering as a result of these issues. You can reverse this trend by forming a partnership with Jostens and addressing these issues with our proven programs and product solutions.

The Pride Factor Model

The Pride Factor The first step to building school pride is completing the Jostens Pride Factor Assessment. After you complete your school's assessment, your Jostens representative will meet with you to discuss the results and work with you to customize solutions based on your school's needs. Jostens will be with you and your school community every step of the way as you plan and implement your new Pride Factor solutions package.

After implementation, we'll continue to measure the impact that your customized solutions package has on the pride within your school community. The Jostens Pride Factor has been proven successful in numerous schools already.

Contact us to complete a Pride Factor Assessment.

The Jostens Pride Factor has been proven to work in numerous schools already. Put us to work for your school. We are committed to see this through. You deserve it. Your students and parents deserve it. Your teachers and administrators deserve it. We promise to make The Pride Factor work effectively for your school because we care enough to make a difference.

The Pride Factor was established by Jostens as a result of research concerning the key issues affecting schools as identified by key professional organizations.

  • CCSSO - Council of Chief State School Officers
  • US Department of Education Legislation: NCLB - No Child Left Behind
  • Breaking Ranks - study by the Commission on the Restructuring of the American High School
  • NASSP - National Association of Secondary School Principals
  • NSDC - National Staff Development Council
  • ASCD - Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development
  • ISTE (Intl Society for Technology Education's NETS - National Education Technology Standards)
  • ISTE (Intl Society for Technology Education's TSSA -Technology Standards for School Administrators)
  • NEA - National Education Association
  • NSDC - National Staff Development Council's
  • NBPTS - National Board of Professional Teaching Standards
  • NCATE - National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education
  • PTA - Parent Teachers Association