Jostens offers our partner schools a variety of proven and innovative resources and programs that are unmatched in the education industry. From first-year high school students to advanced student leaders, to school pride and student recognition, our assortment of information helps you create a complete school experience.

SchoolWay is a faster, more reliable messaging option for safe, one-way school communication on mobile devices. Best of all, it’s FREE. Unlike open forums like texting, Facebook or Twitter, SchoolWay gives your district the best way yet to inform and alert your school community with the content of your choice. From everyday information to important alerts, SchoolWay has you covered, safely and securely. Read more

The Confidence Factor™
The Confidence Factor from Jostens is a life skills program aimed at strengthening confidence in middle and high school students. The program is intended to cultivate student leaders and help create a culture of dignity and respect in the school community, thus positively impacting school climate. Read more

Build School Pride
The challenges facing today’s schools change every day. Creating and maintaining a strong sense of pride in your school community is a fundamental building block of success. As a partner in education for over 100 years, Jostens recognizes the demands facing school administrators. That’s why we’ve created The Pride Factor... Read more

Scholarships & Awards
For 25 years, Jostens Renaissance® has worked with schools in the United States and Canada to motivate and recognize students, teachers, advisors, business leaders and others who strive for and recognize academic excellence... Read more

First Year High School
The transition to high school can be one of the biggest challenges any student faces. Our First Year High School program offers a clear, focused start that can pave the way to higher involvement, better grades, and in the end, graduation... Read more

Pause Before you Post™
A public service program that’s guided by Jostens, and encouraged by all to make smart decisions about personal publishing. Through expert advice, Jostens is building awareness for students and their parents to be aware of the responsibilities and consequences of sharing information, through social media outlets... Read more