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What is the Jostens Renaissance National Conference?

A. An incredible 3-day conference where leading experts discuss educational topics, trends and strategies.
B. Where over 1,000 educators and students connect annually to focus on leadership and recognition.
C. A place to actively collaborate, network and share ideas about improving school culture and climate.
D. Students and teachers working together to create positive school environments where both feel connected and inspired.
E. All of the above.

[The correct answer is E: All of the above!]
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Reviews from the 2013 JRNC Conference:

"Actual "in the field" educators present. There is lots of positivity. I always leave feeling renewed."

"Attendees are treated with respect...keynote speakers and breakout sessions were top-notch...the food is excellent...accommodations were superb and the banquet was a lovely event."

“Each session was uniquely designed and provided a positive, upbeat message that I cannot wait to take back to my school. I was so impressed with the various presenters and I have started reading several books. The key component that made this conference better than any other was the personal messages that were presented. Each presenter had experience and firsthand knowledge of schools.”

“EVERY speaker had valuable tools I could use on my campus. This is the FIRST CONFERENCE in 12 years that I could truthfully say that about and mean it.”

“Everyone is so personable, upbeat and engaging! It IS all about the students/environment and it is great that there are students at this conference too. Others do not have this.”

“I obviously leave with a wealth of ideas. But more importantly I leave remembering why I entered this profession and I am inspired and renewed”

“This was the best conference I have ever attended, and I have been to more than 15. The central theme helped. The model of the pep rally made ideas more concrete and gave a great example of what could be. Featured speakers were all first class.”

“It's the best conference I've ever been to. The atmosphere, the events, but mostly the speakers. The speakers were some of the most impressive people I've encountered. So inspirational!”
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