In the Community

Part of the community for over a century

Jostens has been a part of local communities since 1897, working with K-12 schools, colleges and universities, teams and affiliation groups. Representatives from Jostens touch thousands of schools and groups every day, working to make a difference with products and services that recognize accomplishments and help people tell their stories.  These products, along with resources for educators, yearbook curriculum and services to help motivate and inspire like Jostens Renaissance® and Commitment to Graduate™ are all designed to contribute to a positive and rewarding school experience.

Jostens also plays a constructive and substantial role in communities around the country and world. Currently, Jostens maintains 13 administrative, manufacturing and research facilities with over 3,000 full-time employees and also employs seasonal workers at many plant locations. In addition, Jostens’ independent sales representatives maintain sales and service offices strategically located to serve all communities.

We understand that every community where we operate is unique. As a result, our plants participate in community projects allowing plant teams to decide how to conduct programs that will positively impact their local area. Jostens also encourages local volunteerism by providing charitable gifts to organizations where employees volunteer.

Supporting your mission is our mission and we take great care in passionately supporting our communities.

Jostens Plant Projects

Each Jostens plant, led by a GIVE committee (an employee volunteer group) can apply for grants to conduct special community projects related to the Foundation's area of focus.

Jostens Employee Gift Matching

Through the Gift Matching Program, the foundation matches donations that Jostens employees and independent sales representatives have made to charitable 501 (c) (3) organizations dollar-for-dollar.

Employee involvement

In addition to financial giving, Jostens’ employees also give their personal time to hundreds of organizations each year.


Children of Jostens employees and sale representatives can apply to receive scholarships for post-secondary education. Students who demonstrate outstanding community service, academic achievement and leadership will receive special consideration.

United Way

Jostens supports giving to its communities through United Way by each year supporting employee fund drives and a corporate gift.