Green GRADS™

The Green GRADS™ (Guiding Responsible Actions to Drive Sustainability) environmental sustainability team has been developing a framework to reinforce Jostens' position as an environmentally conscientious leader in our industry. The team was chartered to deploy a balanced strategy that will focus on earth-friendly designs for products, energy conserving facilities and to promote environmental sustainability as a part of our culture. View the Green GRADS™ framework

Green GRADS™ Champions

"An individual who desires to lead and ensure that we do all within our power to promote the protection and sustainability of our planet for future generations." Champions assist the Green GRADS Team in the deployment and support of environmental projects and initiatives across the company's multiple facilities."

Champion of the month - Dave Germani
I have worked for Jostens for more than 4 years as the Facilities Manager, first for Attleboro and now in Denton. I began my career as an environmental, health, and safety manager. I helped companies become compliant with environmental regulations. I realized early on that I had a true passion for implementing programs and processes that minimized or eliminated industrial pollutants, while often providing an economic advantage for the company. I have been involved in this type of work for 25 years now and the passion still remains. Jostens’ commitment to ensure environmental sustainability is an effort that I am pleased to be a part of.