Educators to Attend Cyberbullying Seminar Presented by Jostens
Cyberbullying expert Dr. Justin Patchin to deliver seminar
Greenville - Sep 27, 2011

A Jostens-sponsored seminar entitled, "Bullying Beyond the Schoolyard: Preventing and Responding to Cyberbullying," will be presented by Dr. Justin W. Patchin, co-director of the Cyberbullying Research Center ( at Dutch Fork High School in Irmo, South Carolina on Friday, September 16 from 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Dr. Patchin is an expert on how teens use and misuse technology and will speak to educators about ways to prevent and respond to cyberbullying.

The seminar was designed by Dr. Patchin to outline the issues surrounding cyberbullying and identify what educators need to know about how youth use and misuse technology to cause harm to peers. The presentation will also describe many of the online sites popular among teens today, accompanied with real-world examples of how inappropriate online behavior has negatively affected students and the school environment. Dr, Patchin will also describe online environments popular among adolescents and strategies to ensure they are used safely and responsibly.

Developed as part of an ongoing service program to support educators and schools, the event is sponsored by Jostens Representatives in South Carolina including Scholastic Representatives Mikell Carroll, Dick Conn, Travis Conn, J.P. Gillis, Paul Gillis, Dusty Rhodes, Thomas Rhodes and Yearbook Representatives Andrew Bell, John Bumgarner, David Patrick, Claude Saleeby and Luke Samples.

"Jostens representatives are committed to support educators by addressing issues that impact school culture and academic achievement," said Charley Nelson, director, Educator Services, Jostens. "We have a long-standing relationship with Dr. Justin Patchin and are honored to help create awareness of cyberbullying and responsible personal publishing by youth."

Jostens has also developed Pause Before You Post™ a public service campaign validated and supported with research by Dr. Justin Patchin and Dr. Sameer Hinduja, co-directors or the Cyberbullying Research Center. Additional information is available through local Jostens Representatives or at Dr. Patchin and Dr. Hinduja have been featured speakers at past Jostens Renaissance National Conferences.

About Dr. Justin Patchin

Dr. Justin Patchin is an Associate Professor of Criminal Justice at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. He earned his Ph.D. in criminal justice from Michigan State University. For the past several years he has been exploring the online behaviors of adolescents, including social networking and cyberbullying. He travels across the United States training parents, teachers, and other youth workers about how to keep their kids safe online. He recently co-authored the book Bullying Beyond the Schoolyard: Preventing and Responding to Cyberbullying.

About Jostens

Minneapolis-based Jostens is a provider of products, programs and services that help people tell their stories, celebrate important traditions and recognize achievements. The company's products include school yearbooks and other memory book products, scholastic products such as class rings and graduation products, and products for athletic champions and their fans. Jostens is a subsidiary of Visant Corporation, a marketing and publishing services enterprise servicing the school affinity, direct marketing, fragrance and cosmetics sampling and educational and trade publishing segments. 

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