Pause Before You Post™ - Parents

Many parents and families are concerned about cyberbullying and other consequences of poor decision-making when using social media. Pause Before You Post helps address these concerns directly with students, their families and throughout the school.

How can parents help?

If you see that your child has posted mean or hurtful comments or photos, discuss it with them rather than ignoring it. Talk with them about why it is wrong and how people may judge him or her based on what they see online. Also, reinforcement of positive values such as respect and integrity encourage children to show compassion for others in real life and online.

Pledge to Pause Before You Post

Make a statement to spread the word in your communicty by pledging to take the time to Pause Before You Post.

Video Q&A

We asked experts Dr. Justin Patchin and Dr. Sameer Hinduja the tough questions, watch their answers below.

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