Customize Your Yearbook

Every book can be a reflection of your student with a wide variety of options to help customize your book. From adding more pages about your year into your yearbook, to placing recognition ads for parents to share publicly, how proud of you they are. Our Yearbook products help make your yearbook personal to you and what you value most.

Give it a personal touch by adding your student’s name, a favorite phrase and up to four affiliation icons to the cover. Or, choose from our new contemporary crest and monogram design options. Check with your adviser on which personalization designs your school offers. Learn more.

Yearbook Recognition Ads.
Yearbook Recognition Ads are a great tradition and lasting way for parents to show their pride and help raise funds for the yearbook book program. Learn more.

Make your yearbook more about you with our one-of-a-kind packages. Filled with stickers, pens and foiling options for your cover—your yearbook can be made to reflect you.

Protection Plan
Your yearbook – a once-in-a-lifetime story of the year that should be protected.  Purchasing a Jostens Yearbook Protection Plan™ gives piece of mind by providing you with the opportunity to receive a one-time replacement yearbook in the event your original yearbook is lost, stolen or damaged within your lifetime.

World Beat®
A colorful 16-page section featuring top news stories from the school year including national/world news, technology/science, lifestyle/trends, entertainment, music, sports and familiar faces. This time capsule increases in value with each passing year.