College Grad Announcements & Considerations

When determining your announcement needs, it is important to not only decide who you wish to share your news with, but how you would like to inform them. Our several college grad announcement products allow many options for communicating your achievement.

First and foremost, compile a mailing list of family, friends, coaches, professors, and other influential members of your life to make sure those that are closest to you are informed of your special day. Since tickets to commencement are limited, you should also determine which of these people should receive a written invitation or ceremony ticket in their announcement, which should be invited to a celebration gathering and which will only be receiving an announcement of your accomplishment.

Next, you should determine what you would like to include along with your announcement. Announcements custom to your college or university give a more formal touch and look great with etiquette seals and return address labels. Adequate time should allowed to your recipients prior to your commencement date, so be sure to keep that in mind when determining when to mail.