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Parent’s Guide to Graduation Planning

Parent's Guide to Graduation Planning

While your child’s commencement is a significant personal milestone, it also signifies your achievement as a parent. The gratification that comes with seeing your child excel and receive a degree of higher learning is indescribable.


This special day also represents the culmination of years of financial, moral and emotional support. From packing lunches in grade school, to shuttling them to games and practices, and finally to helping them pack for college, their graduation is the end of a wonderful journey and the beginning of another for the both of you.


As they move closer to a life of independence, there are still things they will need your guidance in. With final exams, job hunting, and the increase in activity that comes with graduation, your child may need a hand in the planning and executing of certain graduation details such as ordering and sending graduation announcements for college commencement, grad parties, or just to announce their achievement to their closest friends and family.


What They Will Need


There are several considerations when mailing college graduation announcements. Who to mail them to, where to send them, and when they should be sent are questions that you may be looking for answers to.

  • Who: Close family members and relatives, friends, childhood friends, and teachers or coaches that have influenced your graduate should all be considered when choosing who should be notified of this special day. Always order a few extra as there are usually some names that were overlooked when making the original list.
  • Where: Your graduate may need the address information for several of the people on their mailing list, particularly family members or friends of the family whom they may not have needed this information for previously.
  • When: Adequate time should be set aside to prepare, address, and send graduation announcements for college commencement in order to avoid mistakenly including or omitting certain details you didn’t intend to. Your recipients will also need adequate time to make travel arrangements if they plan on attending the ceremony or outside celebration, or if they would like to acknowledge the graduate's accomplishment in another manner.


Everything you have done to this point has been preparing your son or daughter for a life of success. Relieve some of their stress and help them prepare for the celebration your family deserves.

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