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Why Buy the Official University Offering?

Why Buy the Official University Offering?

By working with your school's administrators and licensing department, Jostens is qualified to represent your college or university with our school-specific products. To best keep in line with traditions and image, final designs follow your alma-mater brand standards and are licensed when required.


Our commitment to your satisfaction includes ensuring that we adhere to your school's official colors, branding, logos and more!


University Recognition


Now that you've graduated, you're in a position to pay homage to the institution that has helped prepare you to face the world. With our comprehensive selection of university graduation invitations and announcements, you can promote your school's values through our products.


By including your school's licensed logo, colors and official branding, you will gain an identity by becoming instantly recognizable to your recipients.


School Spirit and Classmate Comradery


Jostens also serves you well after your graduation is over. In the business-world, resumes, letters and other correspondence are routinely accompanied by elegant stationery that add authority and tout school spirit.


In addition to university graduation invitations and announcements, our custom seal notecards give you opportunities for hand written correspondence that connects with fellow alumni!

College Products



Celebrate and share your achievement with college graduation announcements.