Custom Seal Notecards

Whether you wish to extend heartfelt thanks, invite graduation party guests, or any other correspondence, custom seal notecards from Jostens help you tailor personalized messages that honor recipients and share your good news. Paired with our custom graduation announcements, custom seal notecards give you the opportunity to include a handwritten note of appreciation or graduation party invites that help make recipients feel a part of your celebration.

Our college graduation announcement cards provide you with stationery that may display your college's logo or crest, providing you with the perfect post-graduation correspondence. Available individually or as a part of your announcement packages, custom seal notecards from Jostens help you network and keep in touch with the special people in your life.

By taking the time to handcraft a personal message on your notecard, you give your recipients the special attention that may not be apparent with a standard announcement. Designs vary school to school, search yours and begin informing your loved ones today!