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Pause Before You Post helps students understand how to successfully manage their digital reputations while learning about the issues and effects of cyberbullying. Pause Before You Post materials provide dependable ways to avoid even unintentional involvement with cyberbullying.

Tips include:

  • Do not post or share any information or images that can cause embarrassment to you or others.
  • Avoid online arguments, disrespectful conversations or online complaining.
  • Do not post content when you are upset or emotional.
  • Actively manage "friends" to avoid guilt by association.

Exclusive Offer details

Any school that partners with Jostens Canada for the first time or any current Jostens Customer that adds an additional product line, including Yearbook, Cap & Gown, or Diploma & Diploma Cover will receive a complimentary Pause Before You Post® kit.

Offer ends March 8th, 2013.

The kit includes:

  • DVD of leading social media and cyberbullying experts with complete lesson plan and discussion guide. 25 guides for educators.
  • 200 student guides.
  • 5 Posters
  • 200 buttons
  • PSAs featuring recording artists

Kit value: $150

For more information please contact: or call 1.800.665.7597.

Yearbook Information

Yearbooks bring people together
Since 1845, yearbooks have highlighted years and captured memories. They chronicle events that shape memories, and illuminate moments that define relationships. Yearbooks celebrate the experiences, activities, and people that make the year unforgettable.

Printed memory gallery
A Yearbook is a lot more. It's a printed memory gallery – of friends, teachers, big moments, little smiles, and stories you want to hold. Yearbooks are physical works of art that share the memorable laughs, events, and traditions that bring your story to life.

Stories of the year
Yearbooks are printed storybooks with vibrant colors, candid photos, and rich illustrations of the people and stories you have experienced. They are the result of the creativity and personality of your class. Yearbooks spark conversation and provoke signatures. They receive handwritten wishes and carry emotional goodbyes.

Educating life skills
Yearbooks also teach real world skills for those involved in their creation. The impact they have on students, faculty, and staff is inclusive. Educational. Uplifting. They bring people together during every stage, from concept to completion. And long after.

We're proud to offer limited edition Yearbooks because we believe in the power of storytelling.

Additional Resources

Our focus on innovation has revolutionized the industry and changed the way yearbook staffs work. Jostens offers the best in both online and desktop publishing methods to create yearbooks.

Yearbook Avenue®
The only patented online yearbook system available, Yearbook Avenue helps you plan, manage, create and sell your yearbook – all at no cost to you. It's like a virtual yearbook classroom where you can access all the details of your book anytime, anywhere.

Online Creation
Jostens is the number one online yearbook publisher in the world. Our online tool, YearTech® Online, has the features that students use the most. Our users experience over 99.9% site availability and rapid photo uploads. Timesaving tools help you design, communicate and collaborate with your staff. And our simple navigation and cutting-edge design tools make YearTech Online the most powerful, popular, and efficient online design method on the Internet.

Desktop Publishing
We've improved the way schools create yearbooks with Jostens YearTech®. Our desktop publishing sets the gold standard with exclusive built-in thesaurus and idioms dictionaries, portrait imagery control, a customizable toolbar and much, much more. And with the support of our curriculum and Yearbook Avenue, page creation is fun, easy and educational.

For more information please contact: or call 1.800.665.7597.

Diploma & Cap and Gown Information

Diplomas: Honour the achievement

Diplomas and diploma covers deserve careful attention. Jostens offers a variety of cover materials in different sizes and formats that celebrate your school's one-of-a-kind character and spirit.

It's the most important document that a student can receive, symbolizing everything for which he or she has worked. A document that represents so much should be created with equal dedication and passion, crafted to last a lifetime.

As the industry leader in diplomas, Jostens offers traditional designs as well as cutting-edge styles. Attention to detail is our specialty, which makes our exquisite, memorable diplomas all the more worthy of display.

Regalia: Caps and Gowns: Tradition with style

For 600 years, students have participated in the pomp and circumstance of the graduation ceremony, the ultimate celebration of their academic achievements.

The ceremony itself dates back to England's Oxford University in 1432 and, while the makeup of modern graduates is larger and far more diverse than their forebears, the experience remains an honoured rite of passage for all students.

This rich tradition demands the highest quality caps and gowns, and that's exactly what you'll find at Jostens.

For more information please contact: or call 1.800.665.7597.