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Personal publishing happens every day

Technology has enabled anyone and everyone to instantly publish their personal writings and other creative endeavors. If you have ever written a blog entry, posted a comment or reply on a website, uploaded a video to YouTube, posted a comment or picture to Facebook, or uploaded an audio podcast to a website, you’ve participated in personal publishing.

Rewards and risks of personal publishing

Many of us are actively involved in creating content for the Internet and, most of the time, this content is creative, interesting, educational, and socially and culturally appropriate. Online publishing allows for quick and easy feedback from friends, adults, or even experts from around the world. The benefits of this new ability can be great, but sometimes there are risks as well. Some postings may be irresponsible, hurtful, or otherwise inappropriate or misinterpreted. Examples include publically complaining online and sharing facts about identity and location through mobile phones and websites.

How Pause Before You Post™ can help

These issues are timely and can greatly impact schools, students, educators and families and their respective online reputation. Recent high-profile cases involving abuse of the Internet have prompted many communities to encourage students to learn more about publishing personal information, particularly when they're using social media sites. As a supporter of education and traditions, Jostens is pleased to offer an awareness program called Pause Before You Post™ that encourages students to make smart decisions when self-publishing through online social media that aids in preventing bullying online. The program also includes valuable information about cyberbullying and potential consequences of poor decision-making.

Take some time to Pause Before You Post™ so you can enjoy personal publishing and social media safely and responsibly.

Meet the experts

Jostens Pause Before You Post™ is validated and supported with research by Dr. Justin Patchin and Dr. Sameer Hinduja, leading experts on cyberbullying and social media. Designed with input from educators and students from across the country, the program urges students to ask themselves important questions before posting online and also highlights consequences of what they post. Visit for more information.

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