Establishing the climate and culture you want in your school starts from the very first day. You can welcome new teachers, show students you care about them, and fill your halls with the sound of fun, and we can help. This Renaissance Kit will provide resources to help show your entire school community that the new school year is a new chance to make it awesome!

Happy New Year Banner (1)
Your hallways are the lifeblood of your school, where people get to where they need to go and also where they have conversations and build relationships. Hang this banner in a key hallway to show that you are excited about the new year and want them to be also. Have your student government, Renaissance group or staffulty sign it as an extra show of support. Ask your yearbook staff to take a picture with the banner, and include it in a “First Day” spread in the book.

"Welcome to Our Team" Pens (25)
Your new teachers will be excited, apprehensive and curious as they join your established team of students and staffulty. Help them feel welcome with a personal greeting and one of these pens. A small gift bag including this pen and a snack, hand sanitizer, tissues and a gift card to the local coffee shop would go a long way toward making them feel appreciated.

“Don’t Forget to Be Awesome” Magnet (50)
Students can put these up in their lockers as a reminder of their potential, or have staffulty decorate their file cabinets or desks with a morale-boosting message. Available through the Renaissance store at JostensRenaissance.com/store.

"It's a New Year" Worksheets (20)
Often students will open up in writing on the first day more than they will when the year gets in full swing. Have teachers make copies of these for their classes and ask students to complete them. Remind teachers to read them periodically and look for ways to connect with students, like discussing a shared favorite movie, or accommodating a student’s suggestion for how they learn best. Revisit the "New Year's resolution" at the end of the semester to track progress and make improvements. Click here to download the PDF.

"Happy New School Year" Cowbell (1)
Stand in the hall and welcome kids to school with the sound of fun, or use it at your Renaissance rally to kick off the year. (Learn more about different rally possibilities at JostensRenaissance.com/idea-exchange.) Play it over the PA system when you have a fun announcement to make.

Meme: Happy New School Year
Use on your email blasts, Facebook, your district/school website or other social media sites to inspire your entire school and community to make a fresh start to the school year. Click here to download the JPEG file.

Need More? For additional items from the kit, contact your Jostens rep or email: renaissance@jostens.com.

One-Minute Message for Administrators
Helping students see the start of the year as an opportunity to make it a good year for themselves can set them on the right track. This kit provides fun and useful gifts with this message and an easy activity for teachers to build connections with their students. Everyone in the school is part of the community and has the power to help make it a good year, and the items in this kit will help them do that.