We could all use a little more kindness, especially school communities that are constantly juggling the needs of so many different stakeholders. Make sure your building climate is as welcoming and supportive as possible. This Renaissance Kit will provide materials and ideas to encourage both students and staffulty members to cultivate kindness on campus with visual reminders and activities, and also offers hard data to back up the importance of climate and culture.

Check out the Idea Exchange ( and the Jostens Renaissance Getting Started Kit ( for more ideas on inspiring and recognizing acts of kindness.

Kindness Mirror Clings (1 pack of 5 sheets)
Remind students every day to be thoughtful with themselves and others by putting these clings up on mirrors and windows around the school. See the Idea Exchange Flyer for other suggestions. Additional clings are available at

Staffulty Compliment Tear-Off Poster (1)
Have a student aide cut along the dotted lines at the bottom and then post in your staff room or office. When teachers and staff feel valued and appreciated, they are more likely to connect authentically with students. Additional posters are available at

You Inspire Me Wristbands (1 pack of 5 wristbands)
Ask your student council members to give one to someone who inspires them, or have teachers provide them to special students, and have them pass it along when someone inspires them. Additional wristbands are available at

Cultivate Kindness Coloring Postcards (2 packs of 100)
Students can meditate on the benefits of kindness as they color this postcard with pencils, pens or markers. Use the back as an approved “cheat sheet” for testing time, so when they are done with the test they can flip it over and take a creativity break. Additional postcards are available at

Colored Pencils (1)
Use these to brighten up the Coloring Postcards or to write fun, encouraging notes to others.

Idea Exchange Flyer (1)
Renaissance is all about sharing great ideas, and the Idea Exchange is where you can find descriptions and photos from schools across the country. An Idea Exchange idea sheet for the Kindness Mirror Clings is included in the kit. Visit for many more!

A Single Act of Kindness Poster (1)
Positivity is catching on! Put this poster up in a main hallway or near the staff office as a reminder to students and adults of the contagious nature of kindness. Additional posters are available at

Brochure: A Closer Look at High School Climate and Culture (1)
We all believe a positive climate and culture will help students, but how does it impact larger goals such as boosting school pride, improving attendance and fostering a more inclusive school environment? What factors influence climate and culture, and what is keeping us from improving it? Jostens surveyed high school principals in 2017 and compiled the results into this easy-to-read brochure.

Download: A Single Act of Kindness Meme (1)
Use on Twitter, Facebook, emails, or your district/school website to help establish a culture of kindness. Download the JPEG file here.

Need More? For additional items from the kit, contact your Jostens rep or email: