Renaissance is about celebrating all staff and faculty (staffulty) in your school and school counselors are an important but often overlooked part of your team. Counselors spend their days caring for students, from schedules to paperwork to listening to their frustrations, and they can use a little care themselves. This kit will help you recognize them and the critical work they do, and also provide them with resources they can use to benefit students. If you need more of the pens, notepads, water bottles, posters, buttons, or Commitment to Graduate® flyers, they are available at or contact your Jostens rep.

Celebrating Counselors Pen Pin (1)
Give your counselor a gift that shows their efforts are appreciated and also provides movement and clicking as a distraction. The pen contains six messages of support for counselors.

School Counselor Notepad (1)
Counselors can write "to-do" notes for student paperwork, or write a note of encouragement and attach it to the student's schedule.

Keep Calm and Stay Hydrated Water Bottle (1)
We can all use these reminders and it will look great on a desk. Aluminum water bottle with flip-top lid.

Keeping It Fresh Mints (1)
A tin of signature peppermints. Counselors can share them with students or keep them for themselves.

Idea Exchange Envelope – School Counselor Recognition (1)
This Idea Exchange provides many ways to show you appreciate what your counselors do! Renaissance is all about sharing great ideas, and the Idea Exchange is where you can find descriptions and photos from schools across the country. Click here to download the PDF, or visit for many more!

We Love Our Counselors Selfie Signs (5)
Paper your counselor's wall with these expressions of appreciation, or have a social media campaign to show your whole school community all the ways your counselors help your students. Click here to download the PDF.

Harbor Flyer (1)
The Harbor™ is an educational video resource available to Jostens customers that teaches tangible life lessons and character development through engaging video content and classroom discussions. Contact your Jostens rep for more information, or click here to download the PDF.

Commitment to Graduate™ Flyers (4)
Jostens Commitment to Graduate program offers resources to support traditions encouraging students to keep their eyes on the prize of graduation. One flyer specially designed for each grade is provided, so counselors can help students be prepared for college or career exploration.

"Yes, You Really Do Need This Class" Poster (1)
Counselors can sometimes use help convincing students that core academic subjects will be useful to them. This poster shows how their classes today connect to their future success in the careers that interest them.

Characteristic Buttons (1 pack of 50)
Make it easy for students and staffulty to honor positive characteristics in each other and themselves. Includes five each of 10 different designs.

Download: "Make it a Great Day" Meme (1)
Use on Twitter, Facebook, emails or your district/school website to help establish a culture of positivity and self-determination. Click here to download the JPEG.

Need More? For additional items from the kit, contact your Jostens rep or email: