One of the things that immediately stands out in a Renaissance school is how the community makes its students feel. They feel included and noticed. In most schools the significant accomplishments are being celebrated. But are there students missing out on being recognized who exemplify the ideals your school respects and values? This Renaissance Kit will provide materials and ideas to help establish a culture of recognition, where students with a variety of strengths feel like important members of your school community. Check out the Idea Exchange ( and the Jostens Renaissance Getting Started Kit ( for more great recognition ideas!

Recognition Postcards (10 each of 3 designs)
Hand these fun cards to students when they do something special or send them home to parents as a surprise recognition. The only thing better than a handwritten note recognizing something great your kid did is getting that note in the mail! Additional postcards are available in packs of 100 at

“Write On!” Pencils (50)
These #2 pencils inspire confidence while completing assignments or taking tests. Give them out as rewards for positive behavior, or share with testing coordinators as a way of boosting morale. Additional pencils are available at

On-the-Spot Awards (15 each of 5 designs)
Use these awards to recognize students personally and/or publicly. Distribute them to staffulty and ask them to give them to students who show these qualities, then reward students with a prize or privilege, or recognize them at a public event. Be sure to include students who don’t typically get recognized. Additional awards are available at

Idea Exchange Flyers (2)
Renaissance is all about sharing great ideas, and the Idea Exchange is where you can find descriptions and photos from schools across the country. Two Idea Exchange idea sheets for On-the-Spot Awards and Positive Principal Referral Forms are included in the kit. Visit for many more!

Renaissance Card Guide (1)
Schools use Renaissance cards in a variety of ways, but they all establish and encourage a culture where hard work and good behavior comes with tangible benefits. This guide describes the basic elements of three schools’ successful card programs and also showcases the positive results that come from recognizing more students.

Kudos Notepad (1)
Practice what you preach — if you recognize your staffulty for doing great work, they will want to recognize their students. Use this notepad to write fun notes to teachers, to show you appreciate what they do with students every day. Additional pads are available at

The Pulse – Student Recognition Survey Flyer (1)
The Pulse is a brief online survey that provides practical feedback schools can use to strengthen student recognition in order to improve motivation and a feeling of belonging. Jostens customers can administer the survey at no charge. Visit for more details, or click here for a PDF of the flyer.

People Will Never Forget Poster (5)
This quote from Maya Angelou will remind teachers why they chose this profession; office staff that the way they treat everyone establishes the culture of the school; and students that each of their actions makes a difference for others. Additional posters are available at

Positive Principal Referral Form (1)
Send students to the office for doing something right! Administrators get a chance to have positive individual conversations with students, and parents love getting a report of good behavior. Click here to download the PDF.

Meme: People Will Never Forget
Use on Twitter, Facebook, emails, or your district/school website to remind your entire school and community to consider the effects of their actions on others. Click here to download the JPEG file.

Need More? For additional items from the kit, contact your Jostens rep or email: