Your front office staff are truly "the face of your school." How often do you take the time to let them know how much they and their talents mean to you? Consider a shout-out on social media as well, to tell your whole school community how you value them, and to set an example of appreciation that starts from the top.

This Renaissance Kit will provide gifts and suggestions for recognizing and appreciating your team. If you need more of the pins, cards, stress balls, posters, mousepads, magnets or notepads, they are available at or contact your Jostens rep.

"I Love My School" Pin (1)
Whenever you go to district meetings or training, show everyone where your heart is. Or give it to your staff member with the most school spirit.

"Don't Worry" Stress Ball (1)
You can have the best possible environment and team, but stressful days are inevitable. Give this to someone in your office to show you understand how tough some of their days are, or use it with students who could use a break.

"Why You're Awesome" Notepad (1 pad)
This notepad makes it quick and easy for office staff (as well as teachers) to thank student helpers with authentic, meaningful praise.

Oversized Greeting Cards (1 pack of 3)
When the whole school community wants to share congratulations or supportive thoughts with someone, a regular-sized greeting card just isn't big enough. Cards with three different messages are provided.

Idea Exchange Flyer – Cafeteria Staff Recognition (1)
Don't forget to include other groups when you are recognizing the adults that make your school what it is. Renaissance is all about sharing great ideas, and the Idea Exchange is where you can find descriptions and photos from schools across the country. Click here to download the PDF, or visit for many more!

"Go Together" Poster (1)
Set an expectation of teamwork and looking to the future with this poster, which is in a smaller size perfect for rooms with limited wall space.

"Make It a Great Day" Magnets (1 pack of 50)
Bring some bright colors to your office along with a reminder that we have control over our attitude. Or place on lockers of students as a reward or thanks.

"Day Maker" Mousepad (1)
Send your office staff a message saying you recognize their abilities, while also providing a daily reminder of their awesomeness.

Download: "Go Together" Meme (1)
Use on Twitter, Facebook, emails or your district/school website to help establish a culture of working together and looking to the future. Click here to download the JPEG file..

Need More? For additional items from the kit, contact your Jostens rep or email: