Establishing the climate and culture you want in your school starts from the moment one walks through the front door. In Renaissance, we say that recognition should be visible, tangible and “walk-aroundable,” from the lobby to student hallways to classrooms. This prevents recognition from being stashed away where no one will see it and serves as a constant reinforcement of what’s important to your school. This Renaissance Kit will provide materials and ideas to help establish a culture where everyone feels like they belong. Be sure to share your efforts with your community online and show off your students’ sidewalk artistry by entering our social media sweepstakes!

Sidewalk Chalk (1 set)
Show students your school is a place of fun and celebration before they even enter the building! Use this chalk to write encouraging messages for all to see.

Compliment Post-it® Notes (10 pads)
Give your students words of encouragement as they start their day. Use these notes to make a statement about the connections being made in your school by having leadership students put messages on students’ lockers. Teachers can also use them to write supportive notes on student work, or administrators can use them to brighten a teacher’s day. Additional sets of pads are available at

#PositivePavement Social Media Sweepstakes Flyer (1)
Show off your school’s sidewalk masterpieces, and enter a drawing to win a free registration to the 2018 Jostens Renaissance National Conference! Just post a photo with the #PostivePavement hashtag to enter. Full details at Click here to download the flyer.

Harbor Overview and Episode Guide (1)
Check out this brochure for an overview of The Harbor™ and Mike Smith, perspectives from educators who are currently using The Harbor and a catalog of the 75 Season 1 through 3 episodes so that you can easily navigate the topics and themes. Season 4 of The Harbor launches in September 2017, with new episodes released weekly throughout the school year.

Pause Before You Post Poster: Over-sharing (1)
Remind your students to think about the potential consequences of posting their personal details online. Additional posters are available at

Idea Exchange Flyers (3)
Renaissance is all about sharing great ideas, and the Idea Exchange is where you can find descriptions and photos from schools across the country. Three Idea Exchange idea sheets for sidewalk chalk, stair decals and Post-it notes are included in the kit. Visit for these and many more!

Getting Started Kit Flyer (1)
“The Look of Renaissance” is just one of the key Renaissance themes covered in our new Getting Started Kit. The Kit was designed to help you get started with Jostens Renaissance and includes: seven sections focusing on specific approaches and tools that schools use; a digital video series showcasing strategies from Renaissance schools; worksheets and ideas from our Idea Exchange to support the recommended activities; three posters to jump-start changing your school’s climate; other digital resources; and a copy of the popular Ideas, Ideas, Ideas book. The Kit is available at Click here to download the flyer.

Inspirational Stair Decals (1 set of 10)
Bring a splash of color and inspiration to your stairways, doorways, and bulletin boards! Additional sets of decals are available at

Harbor Poster: Speak for the Silent (1)
Reinforce this key theme from the Harbor series with a simple message: speak for the silent, stand for the broken. Additional posters are available at

Meme: Pause Before You Post
Use on Twitter, Facebook, emails, or your district/school website to inspire your entire school and community to consider their actions before they post online. Click here to download the JPEG file.

Need More? For additional items from the kit, contact your Jostens rep or email: