"We are acknowledging lots of positive things at [our school] this week! Thanks to Jostens materials, we have talked to students about being responsible with technology and what/how we post information about ourselves and others. The cards that your company created are catchy for teens - a nice visual!

As well, we are having dozens of nominations daily, for Random Act of Kindness week. Students and staff are nominating each other for generous acts that make us feel good. We have been talking about 'doing the right thing'. The 'slap bracelets' are a perfect reward/award for 10 winners on a daily basis. We are announcing them at the end of each day and students are talking. :)

It is challenging to create activities to get high school students involved in 'doing the right thing' and making positive choices. This has been a very successful way of getting the point across with a real positive spin. It's contagious."

- High School Student Support Counselor

"I LOVE the "Why You're Awesome" notepads. I have already shared them with the teachers. They are excited to use them and see LOTS of smiles. I want to order more of those. Thanks and so far this is my favorite box! 

**I will hand out buttons tomorrow and see the smiles. 


- High School Principal

"Sorry I missed you this week when you stopped at MCHS. The box you dropped off for teacher appreciation month was so neat!!! I loved the packaging and the cards for our teachers. I ended up passing everything on to our Student Senate Teacher Representative and she was going to have our students use the note cards to personally write notes to our teachers.

Thanks again for thinking of us! I know our teachers will appreciate getting the notes along w/ the buttons.”

- High School Counseling Secretary