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Graduation Announcements
  • Most schools limit the number of visitors a student may invite to commencement. Send announcements to family, friends or associates. Announcing your graduation is not only good etiquette, it is also a useful networking tool.

  • Announcements are intended only to spread the good news. You may write "No gifts, please" at the bottom if you wish to dispel the notion of any obligation for gift giving.

Envelopes (announcements come with two)
  • The outer envelope, with the gummed flap, is the mailing envelope. It should be hand addressed as legibly as you can using black or blue ink. Avoid using abbreviations in the mailing address:

      Ms. Juanita C. Fassbinder
      4 Hillside Avenue
      Concord, NH 03301
      Mr. And Mrs. Frank Whiteside
      124 West 32nd Street
      DeSoto, TX 75115
  • The inner envelope, without the gummed flap, holds the announcement. Address it informally:
      Aunt Cindy and Uncle Frank
      Fay and Steve
      Mr. John Smithers
  • Place announcement in smaller envelope, folded edge inserted first, with the announcement front facing the flap. You may fasten the flap using a foil etiquette seal, or leave it un-tucked.

  • Insert the inner envelope into the mailing envelope with its flap facing the mailing address side.

  • Send your graduation announcements before or after the actual commencement ceremony. The announcement is not meant to replace an invitation, it is meant to spread the good news of your accomplishment.

Custom Seal Note Cards or Thank You Notes
  • A short note of thanks, written by hand, must go to everyone who has sent a gift.

  • This note should acknowledge the gift and should be sent as promptly as possible:

      Dear Uncle Frank,
      Thanks so much for the check you sent me. It will be so helpful in setting up my new apartment. I will drive down to thank you in person as soon as possible.
      With much love,

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