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Using Ring Designer

Technical Questions

Using Ring Designer

My Ring Image

Technical Questions

When I click on the rotating ring nothing happens, how do I launch the Ring Designer window? If you have a program that blocks pop-up advertising it may prevent the Ring Designer from launching. The Ring Designer is a flash application that will open as a new window. Please disable the program to configure your ring.

How do I disable my pop-up stopper? There are a number of different pop-up stopper applications and disabling the program can vary. Check under your preferences or the program help for more information.

It seems too slow? What do I do? Ring Designer works best if you have a faster modem, with a connection speed of 56k or better. You can also click the "too slow" link from the Ring Designer intro.

I'm getting lots of error messages. What do I do? Ring Designer works best with faster connection speeds (modems with a connection speed of 56k or better, or cable/DSL), newer browsers (versions 5.0 and higher) and Flash 6.0. You can choose to upgrade one or all of the above. If you don't wish to do this, you can still design a custom class ring. From your home page, select the class ring catalog. Then, select the link for slower connection speeds or older computers. You can also click the "too slow" link from the Ring Designer intro.

What happens if I have problems with my browser? Ring Designer works best on newer browsers (versions 5.0 and higher). If you have an older browser, we suggest you update to a newer version. You can still design a custom class ring, regardless of your browser. From your home page, select the class ring catalog. Then, select the link for slower connection speeds or older computers. You can also click the "too slow" link from the Ring Designer intro.

Still having issues?
View Macromedia's "Try this first: How to fix almost all Macromedia Flash Player issues"

Using Ring Designer

How do I access the College Ring Designer? To access our online College ring designer, please do the following:

  1. Go to

  2. Enter your school name located in middle of your screen.

  3. Find your school and select the category or rings and jewelry

  4. Browse the ring designs available for your school and click on the ring you would like to design

  5. On the ring detail page, select ďDesign ItĒ 

The Ring Designer will launch in a new window. If you have software that disables pop-up windows, please turn it off before trying to launch Ring Designer. Please note that Ring Designer requires Flash player version 6.0 or greater, and a Web Browser with version 4.0 or greater. 

Please note: you may also configure a ring in the low bandwidth version of the ring designer by selecting the low bandwidth version. With this approach, you will not be able see your ring designed as you make your selections. The viewing capability is only available with the Flash ring designer version.

How do I go back to a previous screen? Navigation is located on the left side of the page. This allows you to easily skip between different features. The step you are currently working on is also highlighted in the left, as well as in the page header.

How do I switch to Flash if Iíve chosen Low Band? If you choose Low Band to design your ring, but change your mind and want to use Flash instead, you will need to close your browser and start your session over again.

How can I see all the selections I've made? The navigation in the left allows you to switch between the different steps and your current selection. Click the arrow towards the bottom of the screen to switch the display. Once you've put a ring in your cart, you can still view your selections by clicking on the binoculars icon. You can edit your ring options by clicking on the pencil.

How do I save my ring design? On the College Ring Designer, we do not offer the option of saving ring designs at this time. Unfortunately, we are also unable to retrieve previously saved ring designs. We look forward to offering this capability in the future. 

My Ring Image

Why don't I see everything change on my ring? We display three sides of your ring to ensure you get a view of all options that affect the outside of your ring. Options that affect the inside of your ring, or others can't see, such as engraving, palm side and ring size do not display. In addition, options chosen for your specific school, such as the bezel and crest do not display.

How come I don't see the name of my school on the ring? All rings tops (bezels) are displayed with sample school names. Please see your Jostens Representative for details on your school's custom bezel.

How do I see my custom school mascot and symbol? See your Jostens Representative on Order Day to see your custom school mascot and symbol.

How do I know the price of the ring I designed? The ring price, if available, displays in the far left corner. If no pricing is shown, contact your Jostens Representative or call our Customer Service team for a quote.

How do I print the image of my ring from Ring Designer? When you have finished your design and have saved your ring, capture a screenshot of the image, then print.

  • Creating a screenshot from a Mac - With Ring Designer as the active application in your window, hit 'Command' + 'shift' + '3.' This takes a picture and places it on your desktop. Double-click on the image to open and print.
  • Creating a screenshot on a PC - With Ring Designer as the active application in your window, hit the 'alt' + 'Print Screen' buttons. Open Microsoft Word and select 'paste' in the Edit section or simply hit 'ctrl' + 'V'. The image will appear in your Word document and you can print from there.

If your question is not answered here, please feel free to use our contact us form to send us your question.

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