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Background Colors

What is the background colors category?
Want to show your schoolís colors in your PPI products? For all School Pride Line designs, you have the ability to change the background colors of your design. The primary color is the dominant color in the design and secondary is the less dominant color in the design.

How do I change my background colors?
Changing your colors is easy. Simply click on the background of your product or click on the Background Colors category. You will see three pieces of functionality:

Primary Color: Click on the color swatch to change dominant color in the design 
Secondary Color: Click on the color swatch to change less dominant color in the design
Swap Colors: Clicking on the arrow image will swap your primary color with your secondary color and vice versa.

Note: Only School Pride Line designs have the option to change background colors.


Why donít my custom background colors transfer to my other items that I have ordered?
If you applied custom background colors to your current PPI product, you will also need to apply the color to the remaining products. You can do this fairly easily by noting the color name(s) used as the primary and secondary colors.

Why donít I have the option to use background color on some designs?
The Designer Line designs do not have the option to change background colors. If you want to use your own custom colors, consider switching to a design from the School Pride Line.

How do I find the background color name that I have used on other PPI products? 
Under the Background Colors category, click on the color swatch. The name of the current background color will be noted at the top of the color picker.

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