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Can I change the party info that I entered?
Yes, you can always change your party info by editing the text box(s) for any of your products in the PPI designer. Please see the text tools help section for more info changing text.

How do I customize my PPI products?
On the Customize Items screen, click on the product that you want to customize and click on the button ‘Customize This’ located directly below your product.

Can I change my design without losing my photos and text?
Yes. If you choose a different design, your text and photos will fit into the new selected design without losing your work.

In my cart, I see a red text saying that my PPI product is not complete.
The red text signals that you are either missing a photo in an image box element or the text you have entered does not fit into one of your text boxes on your PPI product. To place an image in the empty image box, select an image under My Photos, and drag and drop the image on to an image box on your PPI product. To fix the font, please expand the text box in your PPI product so the text fits or reduce the size of the text.

How do I back out changes that I just made?
Use the Undo & Redo buttons under the Edit Tools category. You can also click on I’m done without saving your changes.

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