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Measure Cap & Gown

Jostens Fine Quality gowns have an 8-1/2" floor clearance. The required measurements are detailed here to assist you in obtaining accurate measurements.
  1. HEIGHT: record total height from top of head to floor (A to B) while wearing shoes. Record in feet and inches - e.g. 5'8".
  2. WEIGHT: list approximate weight in street clothes.
  3. SHOULDER TO SHOULDER: give the measurement in inches across the back from tip of should to tip of shoulder (C).
  4. SHIRT COLLAR SIZE: give regular shirt collar size or measure the neck about one inch above the collar bone. Record in inches.
  5. SLEEVE LENGTH: give usual shirt sleeve length or measure from Point D at center-back, around the elbow, and to Point E at the base of the hand while arm is in position shown in the diagram. Record in inches.
  6. JACKET (CHEST) SIZE: be sure tape is well up under the arms and over the shoulder blades before measuring completely around the chest (H). Record in inches.
  7. CAP/TAM SIZE: measure the circumference around the head. Record the exact size in inches to the nearest 1/4 inch. Note: Circumference of head divided by 3.14 equals hat size.

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