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Technical Help

Technical Help
  • This E-CD will start automatically. If the E-CD does not start automatically:
  • PC Users can simply double-click “My Computer” on the desktop and double-click the "Jostens” icon in the resulting folder.
  • Users
    • Users with monitors set at 16 colors (not 16-bit color) may receive an error when starting this program. To resolve this issue, change your monitor display setting to 16-bit or higher using the following steps:
      1. From the Desktop, click the Start button.
      2. Click Settings > Control Panel > Display.
      3. Click on the Settings tab.
      4. In the Colors dropdown box, select 16-bit color or higher.

    • PC Users that experience video playback problems may need to adjust their QuickTime Video settings. To do this, perform the following steps:
      1. From the Desktop, click the Start button.
      2. Click Settings > Control Panel > QuickTime.
      3. Click on Video Settings from the dropdown box.
      4. Enable Safe Mode (GDI Only).

    • Users running this program within a proxy server environment may have trouble accessing the program's web links.

    • This program will not function correctly if user does not have administrative rights to the computer's operating system.

    • Some Mac 9.1 users may need to upgrade to 9.2 via the Macintosh Update site at

    • Windows 2000 users with only 64MB RAM may experience QuickTime® movie playback problems. Users are highly recommended to upgrade RAM in order to improve playback performance. Please note that the published minimum specification for the Windows 2000 OS to run is 64MB RAM.

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