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Technical Questions - Computer and CD Operation

Technical Questions - Computer and CD Operation
  • What does Pentium II 233Mhz mean?

  • This is the processor speed of your computer.  The processor speed determines how fast your computer will run programs, open applications, etc...  Pentium II is the brand and version of the processor.  233Mhz is the actual speed of the processor.

  • What does RAM stand for?

  • RAM is an abbreviation for Random Access Memory.  RAM is where information is stored before being sent to the CPU for processing, and where it is stored after being processed by the CPU.

  • What does "Free RAM" mean?

  • "Free RAM", also known as "Available Physical Memory," is RAM (Random Access Memory) that is not being used by any application.  You can free up more RAM by closing all other applications.

  • Why am I experiencing poor performance when using the E-CD?

  • If you are experiencing poor performance such as poor audio playback, try freeing up more RAM by closing all other applications.  Also, if you have an older computer, your CD-ROM drive may not be fast enough to play back all media elements smoothly.

  • When I put in my Jostens "Hear The Year" E-CD, I get one of the following messages:
    "Your processor has XXMhz. You must have 233Mhz or greater."
    "You have the WinXX operating system, which is not supported by this disc."
    "You have only XXMB RAM.  This disc requires 64MB RAM."

    Your computer does not meet the minimum specifications required by this E-CD to experience all of the interactivity contained within.  You may continue with using the E-CD, but may possibly experience performance issues (ie., audio stuttering, navigation pauses, program freezing, etc...)

  • Can I play this E-CD in my stereo?

  • Yes!  The Jostens "Hear The Year" E-CD contains CD audio.  This means that it can play enhanced content on your computer and music from today’s latest artists on your home or car stereo.

  • Why doesn’t my E-CD start automatically?

  • If the Jostens "Hear The Year" E-CD does not start automatically, open up the "My Computer" icon on your desktop and double-click the “Jostens” icon in the resulting folder.

  • Advanced: To enable Auto Insert Notification, click on the Start button in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. Roll your cursor over the settings tab, then click on the control panel tab. In the control panel window double-click on the System icon. Then click on the Device Manager tab. Find the CD-ROM icon in the list, then click the + sign beside it. Then double-click your CD-ROM drive. Click on the middle tab labeled Settings. Then look in the options section for the words Auto Insert Notification. If the white box next to this text is empty, click inside of it so that a check appears.  Click OK to save the changes. You will need to restart your computer for this change to take effect.

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