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Your Orders ::
Address Tips

Helpful Address Tips

Get your packages faster and avoid unnecessary delays! Please provide us with accurate shipping and billing addresses to ensure a quick delivery. Helpful address tips to keep in mind:
  1. Match your billing address to the address that appears on your monthly credit card or bank statements. Check your statement to ensure accuracy.

  2. Enter appropriate information into the corresponding fields. For example, do not enter your city name in the email or address fields.

  3. If a field does not apply, leave it blank. Do not enter a dash "-", "Not applicable", "N/A", "None", "Same", or any other information.

  4. Address fields cannot contain special instructions. Address fields are reserved for only the billing and shipping information required for the postal service.

  5. Eliminate characters with accents or non-English characters. If our system does not recognize the character entered, it may delay the shipment of your packages.

  6. Here are some common abbreviations from the postal service if you need help fitting your address into the fields provided:

    • Alley: ALY
    • Annex: ANX
    • Apartment: APT
    • Avenue: AVE
    • Beach: BCH
    • Boulevard: BLVD
    • Building: BLDG
    • Canyon: CYN
    • Center: CTR
    • Circle: CIR
    • Court: CT
    • Court: CT
    • Creek: CRK
    • Crescent: CRES
    • Crossing: XING
    • Department: DEPT
    • Divide: DV
    • Drive: DR
    • Estate: EST
    • Expressway: EXPY
    • Falls: FLS
    • Field: FLD
    • Floor: FL
    • Fort: FT
    • Gardens: GDNS
    • Grove: GRV
    • Harbor: HBR
    • Heights: HTS
    • Highway: HWY
    • Hills: HLS
    • Island: IS
    • Junction: JCT
    • Lake: LK
    • Landing: LDG
    • Lane: LN
    • Lodge: LDG
    • Mount: MT
    • Mountain: MTN
    • Parkway: PKWY
    • Penthouse: PH
    • Plaza: PLZ
    • Point: PT
    • Post Office Box: P.O. BOX
    • Road: RD
    • Room: RM
    • Route: RTE
    • Shore: SHR
    • Skyway: SKWY
    • Square: SQ
    • Station: STA
    • Street: ST
    • Suite: STE
    • Terrace: TER
    • Trail: TRL
    • Turnpike: TPKE
    • Valley: VLY

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