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Your Orders ::
Order Info / Order Confirmation

Orders Placed Online
  1. When we receive your order, we will send a web order receipt to the email address that you provided on your order. 
  2. When the receipt appears on your screen, you will know your order was accepted by Jostens.
  3. This receipt also has details about your order, such as the number of items that you purchased, sales tax and total order price. Print the receipt screen for your records so that you can refer to it if you have questions about your order.
  4. If the receipt does not appear, follow the instructions that appear on the screen or email us.
Orders Placed In School
If you placed your order in school with your local Jostens representative, please contact your Jostens Representative directly. to confirm your order.

Orders Placed by Phone or Mail
If you placed your order by phone or by mail,  you may contact Customer Service by phone or via email.

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