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Your Orders ::
Check Order Status

To check your order status, please contact Customer Service:

Email – for all products
Please fill out the following form and email us.

Phone – for all products
Select the appropriate product line from the following phone list.

Jostens Representative – for jewelry and graduation products
Enter your school information to locate your Jostens Representative.

Online – for most college announcement and regalia products, sign in to your account and view "My Orders." For high school announcement products ordered online later in the school year (typically after the Jostens representative has visited your school and taken orders), sign in to your account and view 'My Orders".


When is my projected ship date?
Locate your product and find out your shipping time.

Yearbooks / Yearbook Products & Accessories
Yearbooks and yearbook accessories are typically distributed in school. Please contact your school's yearbook advisor for information on when you can expect to receive your yearbook and other related items. For Yearbook Products & Accessories that ship directly to you, the items(s) will arrive within 5-7 business days (most locations). If you have not received your items within the anticipated delivery time listed, please contact us.

Jewelry & Graduation Products
The projected ship date has passed; why is my order delayed?
  • If you ordered through your sales rep and elected to use Jostens' Payment Plan, we may not have received all of your payments yet.
  • On occasion it is necessary to cut tooling in order to complete an order.
  • Some stones are special-ordered and have a longer lead time.
  • If your ring was shipped to your sales rep, contact your sales representative.
  • If your ring was shipped directly to you and it has not been received within the anticipated delivery time listed below, please contact us to start a "lost in mail" claim.


  • First Class postal service = 3-10 days.
  • Standard = 5 business days.
  • Express = 1-2 business days.
  • Standard postal service = 30 days.
  • First Class postal service = 3-10 days.
  • Courier service = 5 days.

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