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Ring Protection Plan and Extended Ring Protection Plan Information

Ring Protection Plan

This protection plan is included in the purchase of most Jostens High School class rings, High School sports rings, class jewelry (excludes key chains or jewelry accessory items purchased from the Graduation Products catalog), Homeschool, Pilot Rings and College & Alumni rings. There is a replacement charge (plus shipping & handling) for the ring loss noted on the Ring Protection Plan (Lost Ring) Claim Form (See Ring Loss Claim Process link below).

We ask that you take all reasonable precautions to avoid the loss or theft of your Jostens Ring. However, if a loss or theft occurs send your request and applicable payment to Jostens within four (4) years from the ship date of the original order, and Jostens will provide you with a one-time replacement ring of the same design (genuine stones and diamonds excluded).

This Ring Protection Plan applies to the original ring, for the original owner, and has a one-time use policy. This plan does not apply to: Championship, Madden NFL, Military Career, Military Recruit, Military Academy, Motorsports, and most Specialty/Custom rings, among others. Please refer to specific product for additional details.

Extended Ring Protection

You may have chosen to purchase the Extended Ring Protection Plan, which provides coverage for high school class rings, high school sports rings, College class rings and certain jewelry items for 10 years instead of 4 -- all other terms apply, including the replacement fee. When the Extended Ring Protection Plan is purchased, a consumer may submit one claim under the standard Ring Protection Plan (if the ring was lost or stolen within four years after the ship date) and one additional claim under the Extended Ring Protection Plan (for rings lost or stolen within ten years of the ship date).

A customer may cancel his/her purchase of the Extended Ring Protection Plan within three business days from the customer's placement of the order with Jostens to receive a full refund of the amount paid for the Plan.

High School Rings: The Extended Ring Protection Plan can be purchased at any time while the original owner is enrolled in High School.

College Rings: The Extended Ring Protection Plan for college rings can be purchased up to 4 years after the original order date by the original owner. Call 1.800.854.7464 for more information.

This Extended Ring Protection Plan is only available in conjunction with rings purchased from Jostens after July 1, 2005.

The Extended Ring Protection Plan for Pilot rings is only available at the time the ring is purchased.

For information on genuine diamond and genuine stone replacement costs, please contact us.

Military Career Rings: Protect your valuable investment against loss or theft for 10 years with Jostens Extended ring protection plan. For just a fraction of your purchase price you can protect your ring for ten (10) years from the ship date of your original order. Jostens will provide you with a one-time replacement of the same design.

A replacement processing fee (plus tax and handling) will apply; replacement of genuine stones and diamonds is not included. If for any reason Jostens is unable to duplicate your ring, we will manufacture a compatible design.

This Extended Ring Protection Plan is only available in conjunction with rings purchased from Jostens after August 1, 2012.

Extended ring protection not available on military recruit rings.

Please Note: Ring replacements are subject to tax and duties. More information.

Click on the appropriate link below to access additional information regarding our Ring Loss Claim process.

Ring Loss Claim Process

Jostens Service Center
3500 South I-35E
P.O. Box 90224
Denton, TX 76202


Ring Loss Claim Process

Warranty Service
PO Box #8 Station L
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3H OZ4


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