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Who is responsible for paying the invoice, and when is the money due?
One or more parents in the group may sign an agreement with Jostens and become responsible for payment when the books arrive. The entire group, however, needs to support the effort. Should you determine prior to sending materials to Jostens that you are unable to complete the yearbook or cannot collect enough money to support the effort, simply notify us, and we'll cancel the agreement.

You mean I have the entire school year to sell ads and yearbooks before I have to pay ANYTHING?
That's right. We'll bill you when we ship your completed books to you.

What happens if we can’t pull it off, but we’ve already signed an agreement and received a kit?
We're VERY sure you'll pull it off (after all, you're homeschoolers), but we do allow groups to cancel agreements or carry them over to the following year with no penalty if that becomes necessary. AND we ask that you not submit any pages until you're sure you've collected enough money to pay your entire order. That way, you never obligate yourself beyond what you've been able to collect.

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