U.S. Merchant Marine Academy Calendar of Events

 Class of 2018
Class Ring DeliveryAugust 9, 20170900 to 1200 HoursLand Hall or Melville
Ring Service Day (during 2019 Ring Ordering)September 7, 20171000 to 1800 HoursLand Hall or Melville
Ring Service Day (during 2019 Ring Ordering)February 2018TBDTBD
Ring Service Day (during 2019 Ring Try On)May 2018TBDTBD
 Class of 2019
Class Ring Briefing (First Split)August 8, 20171900 to 1945 HoursAckerman
Class Ring Ordering (First Split)September 7, 20171000 to 1600 HoursLand Hall or Melville
Class Ring Briefing (Second Split)Feb/March 2018TBDTBD
Class Ring Ordering (Second Split)Feb/March 2018TBDTBD
Ring Try On (First Split)July 2018TBDTBD
Ring Try On (Second Split)May 2018TBDTBD
Class of 2020
Ring Committee Review of Wall Crest DesignAugust 7, 2017TBDLand Hall or Melville
Wall Crest Delivered from ArtistNovember 2017TBDTBD
 Class of 2021
Ring Committee Design Session (with Artist)Jan/Feb 2018TBDTBD