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There’s no school year like your school year. Your yearbook celebrates a year full of friends, events and shared experiences. It’s a place where your friends can jot down shared memories, too. Purchase one today; have memories on hand for a lifetime.

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Help raise $100,000 when you personalize your yearbook.

Nature Conservancy

Root for nature.

Choose the leaf icon and we'll donate $1 to The Nature Conservancy, up to $50,000. We're supporting reforestation efforts through the Plant a Billion Trees campaign. The Conservancy works to ensure forests are here for future generations.
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GRAMMY Foundation

Rock music education.

Choose the music icon and we'll donate $1 to the GRAMMY Foundation®, up to $50,000. The GRAMMY Foundation works to bring national attention to the value and impact of music education in schools like yours.
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Your yearbook supports
learning and education.

As the leader in yearbook publishing, Jostens is proud to provide yearbook advisers with inspiration and curriculum that teaches 21st Century skills and sets students on a path to success. At Jostens, we have a history of supporting schools, capturing stories and celebrating achievement.


More ways to be in your yearbook.

ReplayIt: The yearbook photo sharing app

ReplayIt: The yearbook photo sharing app

ReplayIt® allows you to share photos with the yearbook staff all school year long. It’s free with the purchase of most yearbooks. Download it at the app store.


Digital Time Capsule: More Photos Online

Digital Time Capsule™:
More photos online

Most yearbooks come with a free online Time Capsule™, which digitally stores yearbook photos for years to come.


Ads and your yearbook: Support your school

Ads and your yearbook:
Support your school

Parents can purchase an ad in their student’s senior yearbook. And businesses can place an ad, too.


Accessorize and personalize your yearbook

Accessorize and personalize your yearbook

Name stamp the cover of your yearbook, and add activity icons as well. Make your yearbook yours truly with customization.


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