Best-In-Class Yearbooks

Yearbook advisers trust Jostens to provide leading-edge tools and technology to help their staffs develop real-world skills as they tell their school’s story. Backed by Jostens leadership in the education, creation and promotion of your school yearbook, your program will grow stronger year after year.

123 Yearbook Journalism CurriculumEducate

Our award-winning 1,2,3 Yearbook Journalism Curriculum empowers you to help your students learn 30 skills for the real world through a hands-on, collaborative experience. We also offer national and local workshops to inform and inspire you and your yearbook staff. Our commitment to enhance education has been recognized as the industry’s best.


From cutting-edge online creation tools to the latest desktop publishing software, our focus on creation has resulted in millions of online yearbook sales and unprecedented customer feedback. We know what features students use most, and those features make our state-of-the-art yearbook program the leader in the industry.

Jostens helps you promote your yearbookPromote

Successful sales are core to a strong yearbook program and give more students the chance to share in your yearbook tradition. Jostens offers programs and services to help you create demand for your yearbook, market it to potential advertisers and track sales – making it easier to achieve your sales goals and balance your budget at the end of the year.