ReplayIt Time Capsule

The yearbook is better than ever with a new digital twist. ReplayIt™ Time Capsule™ gives you access to all the photos and memories your school creates at

See and share photos from the school year is your school's home for all the photos uploaded by the school community including photos from sports, hobbies, clubs or even photos with friends.

Experience the yearbook all year
Gone are the days when everyone has to wait for their yearbook to see all the photos from the school year. Now all the photos can be seen as they happen at It's like a yearbook experience that happens all year.

Order the yearbook to get your ReplayIt Time Capsule
At the end of the school year, all of the photos uploaded to ReplayIt are put into the digital Time Capsule. Students who purchase the yearbook will receive a code they can use to access their school's Time Capsule for years to come.

Contribute to the Time Capsule.

From your computer
Visit from your desktop computer and start seeing and sharing photos from the school year.

On your mobile device
Download our free mobile app and share your photos as you take them from your phone!