Commitment to Graduate®

Commitment to Graduate® (C2G®) is an initiative to address the growing student dropout rate across America. It encourages students to strive for their high school diploma and set a goal for the next stage of life.

Begin with the end in mind

Jostens has partnered with schools to bring together key messaging for communities, educators and students emphasizing the importance and value of a high school diploma. This research-based initiative also focuses on helping students prepare for the future by setting a career goal beyond high school, which might include trade schools, the military or college.

C2G provides the framework and materials to:

  • Lower the dropout rate
  • Encourage a sense of pride for self and school
  • Open the door to your students’ futures
  • Create a support system
  • Engage communities and business partners
  • Strategize to increase parent involvement in schools
  • Embrace and develop traditions with celebrations of commitment

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Contact your Representative to learn more about how C2G can benefit your school.