The Achiever® Collection

The Achiever® collection includes many of our most popular rings, in a style created nearly 30 years ago by Jostens ring designer, Jim Lindberg. This collection offers the most options for you to personalize your class ring with your story and whatever you're into.

Achiever Styles
Tribute A11, Royale A12, Magnum A13, Pageant A14, LTD A15, Delicate A16, Equinox A17, Blackmore A21, Mayfair A22, St. Ives A25, Tiara A26, Vanguard A39, A40, A47, A48, A49, A50, A59 & A60, Latitude A52, Prominence A53 & A54, Vanity A58, Integrity A93 & A94.