Celebrate every moment that means something to you with a one-of-a-kind class ring.

High School Class Ring Collections

Design a sleek, modern, and timeless Class Band that’s as unique as your experiences and accomplishments.
Protected by U.S. Design Patent USD906,155S

Scroll down for more elegant designs, classic looks, athletic styles and so much more. Find the one that shines for you, and wear your story with pride.

Class Band™

Simple. Sleek. Timeless. You love the tradition of a class ring, but in a more modern style. The Class Band collection gives you stunning customization options that capture your story. Your experiences are totally unique. Design a Class Band that’s equally one-of-a-kind.

Protected by U.S. Design Patent USD906,155S


Achiever® Collection

Big dreams. Big pride. Capture it all with a stunning class ring from our Achiever collection. Offering the most personalization options of any Jostens collection, the Achiever lets you boldly celebrate your unique story with the world.

The Legacy Signet Ring™

Who you are is a story worth telling. And everything you value, from your life journey to your personal character, is captured at the very core of this statement ring. The simple, timeless look allows you to personalize even further and create a future legacy that never goes out of style.

Odyssey™ Class Ring

See clearly. Dream continuously. The Odyssey ring captures your passions, your ambitions and whatever matters to you in a radiant, translucent etched-stone crest. So you can leave an impression as strong as your pride, your story and your dreams for the future.

Heritage® Collection

The Heritage collection honors the classic things you love that never lose their cool. And class pride is one of them. Inspired by class ring styles dating back to 1906, these ring styles rock the retro-rectangular look with loads of custom options.

Luxe Collection

The Luxe collection enhances a wide range of looks and puts a little “class” in class ring. These on-trend and layerable designs are made to stay stylish during high school and long after. No matter which look you choose, it’s all eyes on you.

Tradewinds® Collection

The Tradewinds collection gives you the tried-and-true appeal of traditional class rings. These economical rings let you customize your stones and sides to truly make it your own. So you can celebrate your story, your way.

High School Jewelry Catalog

It’s your journey. Wear it well with official class jewelry from Jostens. Browse our collections below.

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